Olaplex NO 4 Bond Main Shampoo


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Protects hair from everyday stresses. Re-linksbroken bonds. Repairs damaged hair, split ends, and fights frizz. Proven to reduce breakage and strengthen all hair types. Colour-safe.

  • Compatible with all colours and treatments
  • Benefits all hair types and textures
  • Re-links broken bonds in strand fibres
  • Free of silicones and oils
  • Produces incredibly healthy hair
  • Protects hair from everyday stresses
  • Proven to reduce breakage
  • Leaves hair stronger than ever

USAGE GUIDELINES Treat hair with Olaplex no. 3, rinse. Apply and massage no. 4 product throughout hair. Rinse product from hair. Follow with Olaplex No. 5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner.

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