MO-Color Care Conditioner 250ml


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Experience the power of our color-preserving haircare with the Color Extend Conditioner. Designed to extend the life of your color-treated hair and enhance its overall health and shine, this ultra-moisturizing conditioner is a game-changer.

Our proprietary technology ensures superior color retention, making your vibrant hues last longer. But that’s not all – our conditioner goes beyond preservation. With ArganID™, your cuticles are repaired and sealed, effectively locking in the color and protecting it from fading.
Not only does it provide sun protection but also environmental defense, thanks to our special Environmental Protection Blend. Infused with pomegranate extract and a sun protection quat, it shields your hair from sunlight and environmental aggressors, preventing color loss and damage.

In just one use, you’ll notice a remarkable change. Your hair will become soft, manageable, and healthy-looking, with a captivating shine that turns heads. We take pride in delivering outstanding results, with 90% of our users reporting noticeable shine after just one use of our conditioner*.

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